Cannabis Policy

Guests attending may bring in and consume cannabis or cannabis accessories subject to the following policy:

  • Guests must be at least 19 years of age to possess and consume cannabis
  • Guest will only be permitted to enter with an amount of cannabis that is reasonable for personal use for the duration of the show only, subject to any documented medical allowances
  • Upon entry, guests must make security aware that they are bringing cannabis or cannabis accessories into the venue for inspection
  • All cannabis and cannabis accessories are to be stored in a sealed plastic see-through container (e.g. Tupperware or Ziploc bag) which allows security to directly inspect the cannabis and cannabis accessories without the need to open the container or handle the product.
  • No glass container or glass cannabis accessory will be permitted at any time.
  • The smoking of any cannabis products (including vaping) is permitted within designated smoking areas only.  These areas will be clearly marked and may change on a show to show basis.  Venue staff will provide guests with direction on where the designated smoking area is at each show.
  • Venue staff will remove guests who overuse or overconsume any intoxicant, including cannabis or cannabis accessories.
  • Cannabis is for personal use only and the sale of cannabis is strictly prohibited. Venue staff will remove anyone who sells or purchases cannabis and will report such activity to the police.
  • The use and consumption of cannabis is subject to the Fan Code of Conduct and misuse may result in removal from the venue.