Fan Code Of Conduct

Electric Island is a space where you are encouraged to enjoy yourself without fear of being made to feel unwelcome or unsafe because of your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender expression, immigration status, socio-economic background, mental health or ability.

We encourage everyone to enjoy the show with a few rules to keep in mind:


• Any item venue security identifies that could be used as a weapon
• Animals
• Aerosol Cans
• Air Horns or any other noise maker may also be prohibited at the discretion of management
• Alcoholic Beverages or Illegal Substances
• Beach Balls, Helium Balloons or Other Inflatables
• Beach Umbrellas or Tents
• Bicycles (must be parked outside the venue)
• Professional Cameras or Video and Audio Recording Devices
• Confetti, Fireworks, Firearms or Other Weapons
• Glass, Plastic or Metal Containers
• Glow Sticks
• Ice Chests (Coolers) or Thermos Containers
• Laser Pointers
• Outside Food and Beverage
• Parcels, Packages or Items the Contents of Which Are Not Displayed
• Skateboards or Roller Blades
• Sticks or Clubs (Including Signs or Banners Attached to Sticks)
• Selfie Sticks
• Sports Balls
• Drones
• Go-Pro Devices
• IPads/tablets
• Folding/Lawn Chairs

Prohibited items also include any items that in the judgment of facility management pose a safety hazard or diminish the enjoyment of an event by other guests.


• No objects may be tossed or thrown in any area of the event grounds
• Shirts and Shoes are required to be worn at all times.
• Guests are not permitted to stand on and/or climb venue structures
• Banners or signs are subject to Electric Island Management Approval.
• Guests are not permitted to bang on glass windows.
• No gang colours permitted.

This list is subject to change without notice by Electric Island Management.


There may be bag checks, pat-downs and other searches carried out as a requirement for entry as determined by the security staff.


• No Video Recording from any source
• No Audio Recording from any source
• No Professional Cameras

Please also note that selfie sticks, go-pro devices, and iPads are not permitted inside the venue.


Electric Island defines a professional camera as “a camera, digital or otherwise, with a detachable/interchangeable lens of any size/type.”

Additionally, Electric Island staff reserves the right to restrict the use of other types of cameras should they feel the quality and/or type of camera fail to protect the artist and/or venue’s interests.


For more information on our Cannabis policy, visit:


Electric Island has several ATM’s for patron use throughout the venue.


For LOST & FOUND inquiries please contact email


Due to the risk of counterfeit currency, the box office will only accept cash in the form of Canadian polymer bank notes. Older-issue paper currency and US currency may not be accepted for payment.


Electric Island is committed to providing an entertaining experience to all patrons and a safe work environment for such patrons and staff. As such, any verbal or physical harassment or other abusive behaviour towards other patrons or staff members will not be tolerated by management and may in management’s discretion result in the responsible party being ejected from the venue and/or having their season tickets or tickets to any future events (as applicable) cancelled without refund.