Toronto based artist Wess, can be described as dubby, dark, minimal and techy. Wess gained a deep understanding of the underground electronic music scene during his time promoting in the always changing and evolving underground scene in his hometown of Toronto, where he currently resides @ CODA in Toronto. After learning the ins and outs of the industry, Wess focused in on learning as much as he possibly could about production.

After an amazing breakout year with releases on local labels like Major League Recordings and Downpour. As well as multiple releases on the International labels like Corner’s DC10 Records and Berlin based, Berlin Aufnahmen.

Wess has recently gained quite the following after his latest release, “Personal Disco” on Duky’s well known Deep Tech Records. The EP, which featured 4 Original tracks and quickly jumped to the Top 10 on minimal releases on Beatport, at one point getting to #4. The EP also charted well on other genres as well, reaching #15 on deep house releases and #25 on Techno. The Sucess continued with his “Near Death” EP on Early Morning Music, which reached #2 in the minimal/ deep tech top 10. Followed up by stellar releases on Act Natural, Baile Music and Yoruba Grooves

Wess has been having an amazing year in 2018 as far as productions and show. Recently opening for Waff @ Coda (Toronto) as well as signing on to some top tier labels. With another release scheduled for Deep Tech Records, along with releases coming on no:words, Strange People, Tres 14 and a single coming on 12 + 1 London, Wess is continuously improving and moving up in the industry. Stefano Noferini recently dropped, “You Owed Us’ from Wess’ most recent EP, “Atlantis” on P.U.N.C.H.I.S on his Radio show, starting off the mix with the track. With ongoing support from names like Richie Hawtin, Stacey Pullen, Marco Corola, Guti, Paco Osuna and Robert Owens to name a few, Wess is looking great going forward and can only go up from here.