Raf Reza


Born in Tokyo to Bangladeshi parents, Raf eventually moved to Toronto at the age of nine. However, the frequent visits to the UK sparked his interests in dance music. Particularly the late 90s sounds of french house, UK garage and electronica gripped his attention and never let go. These sounds consumed the bulk of his musical psyche at a young age and eventually led him to collect vinyl and build a music studio at age 17. Today, he is revered as a genre-fluid DJ who continuously pushes the sonic boundaries of the dance-floor.

Raf’s studio productions mirror the multifaceted nature of his DJ sets. He draws melodic and rhythmic considerations from a broad range of dance music styles including but not limited to: disco, house, wave and dub. His debut 12” EP, “PROTO”, was released on Cosmic Resonance Records in Toronto. His next release “Moods From The Multiverse” will be forthcoming on Edmonton label Heart To Heart.