Sven Väth is quite simply unique. A legend in his own lifetime with a commitment and passion that has influenced the advance and evolution of electronic music. Clubs, record labels and careers have been launched.

There are some people that are destined to emerge and change things. Change
landscapes. Sven Väth is a risk taking visionary, an instigator, an innovator and very
possibly invincible.

1981 and Frankfurt it started. Quickly the figurehead for a techno revolution in Germany
that was to spread far and wide. Worldwide. Setting sail alone, this was 1981 and this was
new. The Omen Club and so many other adventures punctuated this period, getting the
sound out there . Vinyl then, vinyl now. Parties that mattered and changed things.
Parties that reinforced a vision and eventually gave birth to Cocoon.

An extraordinary residency in one of the best clubs in the world was unleashed in 1999.
Cocoon Ibiza, Amnesia on a Monday night. Now 16 years of parties that have set new
standards in production and have never compromised on what matters. The music. An
incredible risk became, and still is, one of the great successes in modern music and
clubbing. A phenomenon now attracting upwards of 80,000 visitors in a 4 month season
with Sven Vath front and centre throughout.

Along with Cocoon Ibiza Sven created a booking agency (now Flash Artist Booking –
targeting the best and the brightest), an event agency (Cocoon Event – spreading the
vision across 5 continents and now over 30 countries) and a record label (Cocoon
Recordings – with a back catalogue stuffed with quality) that gets ever more important
and keeps on growing.

For all that you just have to meet the man behind the decks to really get it. With vinyl
flailing he picks up a crowd and takes them with him. At a Sven gig you are in a
performance with no one knowing quite what is going to happen. It has always been so.
There may be 120 gigs a year, some very big some more intimate, but you will always
feel invited and you will always see the heart of the man. That heart belongs to the
crowd. Everyone is a VIP. Sven Väth is rock and roll.

In October 2014 there was a happening that expressed this togetherness and mutual
respect. It was a 50th birthday party in stunning surroundings where 12,000 people
joined together in Mannheim to celebrate a monumental life and career. An
unforgettable night of dancing and community

In 2015 another very special moment as Sven was honoured by the City of Frankfurt with
the „Goethplakette“, issued only to those that have made a real contribution to the
cultural life of the city. A formal occasion but one that was important because it
acknowledged at a different level the positivity that dance music can bring. A force for
good. There was an after party of course, is Sven after all…..

Some fascinating collaborations have emerged as Sven has continued to explore
another passion, contemporary art. Intriguing link ups with such influential figures as
Tobias Rehberger and Andreas Gursky, both long term friends, are sure to throw up
more surprises in the next months and years.

2016 and that means an astonishing 35 years as a Dj and an equally astonishing 17th
season of Cocoon Ibiza

The most charismatic DJ of his generation is more vital and relevant than ever. Utterly
professional, utterly unpredictable. No one else like him. Not even close.