Born in Canada’s most multicultural city, the night-life entertainment mecha of Toronto on September 24th, 1992, Peter Naayem — better known in his hometown simply as “Butrous” — moved to Damascus, Syria during his childhood and was raised there. Undoubtedly, music and rhythm has always played a significant part in Butrous’ life, as he started playing the drums from the young age of six. The beat of the drum eventually translated over to the hypnotic beat of 2 decks & a mixer after a trip to see Luciano in Cannes, France. From that experience, Butrous was hooked, and since that very moment the tracks haven’t stopped spinning. As house music scene became his new home, Butrous eventually picked up and found his way to Montreal, Quebec, where he started pursuing DJ’ing seriously. Butrous began DJ’ing at small-time events here and there to further establish his reputation. After establishing his new, strong sense of rhythm and sound to his sets, Butrous started to slowly enter the more inventive realm of music production. It is here that Butrous’ narrative takes on a beat of its own and begins to produce itself, as Butrous continues his journey through the electric music industry as a newly inspired musician.