Alex Harris


The most challenging task for any electronic producer and DJ is probably to keep afloat in the maelstrom of volatile music fashion, wherein sticking to one’s self and taste. The task falls beyond majority’s power, but a few to have accomplished it automatically take things to the next level and rank among the major professionals.

Born and bred in Kiev, DJ Alexander Harris definitely belongs to the pack that made the transition. During his 18-year nightclubbing career, Harris has not lost appetite for fresh tunes and has always held the bar high, whether performing live, putting out new releases of polishing a mix.

His first memorable live event took place at “Mousson Bar” at Kazantip festival in the year 2002. Already then, a young DJ was spinning vinyl – yet to carry this passion for years to come. Republic Z proved to be a hallmark arena for Harris – during consequent seasons, he has played dozens of sets on different dancefloors. Further on, Alexander’s opportunities kept growing like a snowball. A talented Ukranian DJ was earning recognition and love not only within local Kiev crowd but became a beloved artist among Moscow partygoers as well. An era of extensive touring and travelling followed.

Harris has played at almost every cult Moscow nightclub, including luxury underground venues, notorious for being prone to any external influence. His live dates there comprise numerous runs at Krysha Mira, Propaganda, Rodnya, Troyka Multispace, Leveldva, Shakti, Timeout and Partizan have booked Harris as well.

All the while, his hometown of Kiev has always held Harris in high demand and respect. At one time or another, he has taken residencies in the best nightclubs of Ukrainian capital: Boom Boom Room, Mantra, The Lab, SkyArtCafe, Shanti, Ganesha etc. Dance music aficionados could always tell Harris’ trademark sound from any other, should he jump behind the decks. Alexander himself calls his sound ‘intelligent and intriguing’. Most often Harris plays exquisite and inventive house in all its diversity from springy grooves to complex cosmic melodies with a focus on deep and tech varieties.

Recent years saw Alexander Harris dwelling even deeper into composing his own music. The back catalogue of this experienced DJ comprises a number of successful digital and vinyl releases. Harris is courtesy of Kiev-based ArtReform Records and a famous Spanish label Parallel Records. Paco Osuna, Piemont, Monkey Brothers, Gel Abril, Zombie Disco Squad – the list can go on and on – gladly add releases by Harris to their collections.
On par with a volume of his new releases, Alexander’s international recognition and fame grow exponentially.

Currently, he resides in Toronto and actively pursues broadening his tour coverage. Thus, his memorable festival dates at Kazantip, Satta and Ostrov and club gigs throughout the Baltics and Eastern Europe will get an extension to Canada and US night venues. This is just the very beginning of Alexnder Harris’ story!